Karma Kitaj grew up in a family that was immersed in the arts. Her mother was a cultural maven who took her 3 children to art museums, concerts, and theater from a young age. Her brother, RB Kitaj, became an internationally known figurative painter, represented by the Marlborough Gallery, when Karma was an adolescent. His genius and fame dissuaded Karma from even considering following in his footsteps.

Karma went on to become a psychotherapist and life coach, dabbling a little with weaving in her 20’s after going to the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in Maine. It was not until her brother died that Karma got inspired to take brush to paper.

After interviewing creativity coach Sandra Shuman on her TV show, “Alivelihood: New Adventures As We Age,” she began to expose herself to making art with Shuman as her catalyst and guide. Studying with artist Donna Estabrooks led to larger pieces and use of found objects.

Karma began painting by using acrylics and collage materials until an artist friend introduced her to the technique of using encaustic wax. The fluidity and immediacy of encaustic captured her imagination and she went on to study the technique with Tracy Spadafora, Kellie Weeks, Nancy Natale, Laura Moriarty, and Lorraine Glessner.

An inveterate life long learner, Karma continues to passionately pursue the art of encaustic and mixed media, an experience that has changed her life. A member of the International Encaustic Artists and Mass Wax, (the New England branch of the IEA) she exhibits her work whenever the opportunity arises.